How do I upload a photo to a Blackboard discussion board/blog/wiki post?

If you want to add a photo to a discussion board, blog or wiki post, these are the instructions:

Click the image symbol in Blackboard’s editing box. (It looks like a simplified picture of a landscape.)

image button

You will then see the pop-up window shown below:

browse button

Click the small box indicated by the pink arrow to “browse my computer”, and another popup will appear so you can find and upload the image from your computer.

You’ll then upload your photo and add the image title and a brief description of the image in the space provided in the pop-up box. (The title and image description help those with screen readers, so it’s important for ADA accessibility to include those.)

Finish by clicking the “insert” button:

Screenshot 2016-08-28 21.40.45

Save the discussion board or blog post or wiki entry, and you will see your photo. Once your image is in the post, you can then continue writing and editing and, when you’re done, submit the post.

Last updated: 04/17/2017

(Note: this content is hosted outside of Blackboard. Please ignore the links and comments sections! If you have questions, or these directions don’t work correctly, please post a note in the Q&A forum.)

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