How do I upload a photo to a Blackboard 9.1 discussion board/blog/wiki post?

If you want to add a photo to a discussion board, blog or wiki post, these are the instructions:

First, add a new post, or click “edit” to add a photo to an existing entry.

Next, in the WYSIWYG editing window, choose where in the post you want the photo to appear, and click there with your cursor.

Then click the little box in the editing window that looks like a little picture.   The arrow points to it below.

Blackboard edit box with arrow pointing to image button

You will then get this window:

Insert Image window

Click “browse my computer” and “submit”  to find and select the image you want on your computer.

You can then continue writing and editing the post.

Save the discussion board or blog post or wiki entry, and you will see your photo.

(Note: this content is hosted outside of Blackboard. Please ignore the links and comments sections! If you have questions, please send me an email.)


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